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Super Lewd Content/NSFW Artist.
If you're here you might interested on get a artwork,Check it down!


+$10 Extra character
+$10 alternative version

sketch monochrome $40

+$5 Extra character
+$10 alternative version


Here is a little explain of my way to work

  • I'll start with a sketch of your commission idea to see If you like it or want to fix anything.

  • Once you're okay with the result of the Commission sketch I'll ask for the payment.

  • Once the payment has been sent I'll start with the lineart and proceed with the colors or details.

  • I'm always able to reply my customers so feel free to clear your doubts or ask for a WIP.


  • PAYMENT over paypal.

  • No refunds.

  • Time stimated 1 - 3 months

  • simple backgrounds.

  • +$10 complain characters charge.

  • I always try to reply to every single customer,be patient please.

  • always check the waitlist.

  • If your kink isn't in the list just ask to me.

  • To take your commission,aLWAYS contact me over twitter MESSAGES please.


Next is a little list of stuff that I do and i don't,but please always ask me first! I don't judge,feel free to ask.

i do:

  • OC

  • fanart

  • Monstergirls

  • femboy/tomboy

  • furry/pony/pokemon

i don't:

  • scat

  • detailed.muscle

  • guns

  • mecha

  • gore


Thanks for support me!

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